Monday, November 7, 2011

Moving to a new Blog

I've changed my Etsy shop name from "lessthan3chrissy" to "Sugarcube Corner", so I am moving this blog to the new url

I will be updating the new blog at least once a week. I won't continue to post onto this blog, but I will leave up the existing posts.

I don't have many followers here, but I do have a few, and you are important to me. I know I haven't been updating this blog very often. Honestly this was my first attempt at a blog and I wasn't sure what to post. Originally I thought I would post craft tutorials mainly, but I realized these were hard to write and instead I've decided to compile them and offer them for sale on my Etsy shop as a PDF file. So for second blog attempt, I have a lot more ideas. I will still be posting about my Etsy store but I will also be talking about artists, fashion styles, interviews with other Etsy sellers, reviews on video games, movies, anime, etc. So this isn't just a new name, it's a new commitment and fresh attempt to bring you cute reading material. I really hope you continue to follow me on the new blog! Thank you!

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